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Each of your employees is provided with a contact card enabling them to directly access Greystone's claim and administrative services. By making ourselves directly accessible to all insured employees and their dependents, there is no need to bring benefit issues to Human Resources or to call the insurance company directly. Insured employees are able to take advantage of Greystone's phone, fax, email and website information which are all listed on the member's card.

In conjunction with the Greystone ID Card, the Service Team is comprised of Greystone associates assigned to your company. Each member of the team is committed to gathering the necessary information to resolve claim issues and provide accurate, easily understandable benefit information. The Client Service representatives act as your advocate and liaison when addressing inaccuracies, benefit explanations, and claim issues with the insurance company or providers.
To ensure employees and their dependents have a clear understanding of the benefits being provided to them, what their options are, and how to utilize Greystone's services, we conduct small group employee meetings. During the meetings Greystone will illustrate streamlined benefit summaries, personalized communications and contribution requirements. These meetings are conducted each year at open enrollment time either on site or by telecommunication, when geographically necessary. Periodic enrollment meetings for new hires are also encouraged.
To ensure that you are in compliance with the Department of Labor mandates surrounding your benefits program, Greystone provides:
  • Preparation of notifications mandated by law which require annual distribution to all eligible employees
  • Documents for Medicare Part D Prescription drug compliance
  • Section 125 documentation and implementation
A variety of contribution strategies which benefit both the employer and employee are illustrated and discussed annually. Greystone has the ability to develop contribution programs utilizing factors such as income, years of service, and plan steerage.
We have the ability to arrange and administer simplified Health Reimbursement programs allowing limited self-funding. These do not affect the quality of the benefits provided to employees. Our most recent block figures confirm that employers retain in excess of 70% of premium savings after all claims are paid.
Greystone annually markets all programs to ensure both price competitiveness and consideration of enhanced benefits. The marketplace is very dynamic and reviewing changes and enhancements annually is essential to providing the most competitive benefits package.
Coordination and compliance with Medicare laws has become extremely complicated and requires proactive, rather than reactive, services. We accomplish this with written communications as well as special meetings for employees directly or indirectly (parental coverage) impacted by Medicare. We have established a personal relationship with a Medicare expert who will meet with you directly and assist you with any questions or needs.

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