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Greystone provides BAS (Benefit Allocation Systems) COBRA Services (formerly COBRA Compliance Service) to outsource mandated COBRA administration. COBRA law has become exceedingly complicated leaving most companies non-compliant. Our relationship with BAS allows us to provide this service to our clients. Please note that in Pennsylvania the State Mini COBRA Law applies. BAS administers Mini COBRA as well.
It is imperative that any employer establishing pre-tax deduction payments for medical, dental and vision benefits have an updated Section 125 document.
Greystone has contracted with several companies to provide various administrative services including: FSA's, HRA's, and HSA's. Frequently HSA's and HRA's are bundled with the medical program; however, that does not necessarily ensure the best administration of these accounts.
This recently formed entity provides supplemental services to Greystone's personalized handling of benefit issues. When seen as an advantage for specific groups or based on company demographics, Greystone will utilized Health Advocate's services in conjunction with the Employee Assistance Program. HMS coordinates the handling of specific issues which can crossover from benefits to EAP or vice versa.

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